The YES! They Were BLACK Series – IMHOTEP and the Pharmaceutial RX Sign


Today’s Proof of BLACKNESS:  IMHOTEP and the Origin of the RX Sign.


Many of you taking prescription drugs or some on you in passing during your distractions of the day have seen the “RX” sign. When asked about this sign, many of have no idea where it came from or you feel it is something Doctors and the Pharmaceutical giants created. Well its NOT. This is another piece of black history creation that was stolen out of Kemet (ancient egypt).

Now think about this. The folks say that everything from the Ancient Black people of Kemet was a myth. It is a myth (which its not!), why do the folks keep stealing the essence of black creation? Why did they create their own signs?

ImageThe folks who stole from Kemet, preface all prescriptions with the Rx sign, which is traceable to the (what they call a Pagan sign) for Jupiter when it is a sign for Jupiter, and was used as an invocation to the gods by the Chaldean physicians when writing their prescriptions thousands of years ago.

This is one of the symbols that links pharmacy practice today to ancient mythology, and which appears on every prescription that you too will handle.  The Rx can take many forms, but they all basically have the same intent.
The most popular interpretation is that it could have derived from the ancient Egyptian eye symbol, the Eye of Heru (Horus), the falcon god of lower Kemet (egypt) who had his left eye torn out in the fight with his uncle SETEKH (his real name by the way but you know him with the Greek name change to Set). Heru (Horus) was avenging his father’s death (his father was Ausar – again you know him by the Greek name change to Osiris) at the hands of Setekh (Set).
ImageEach piece of the eye symbol represents a fraction, and these pieces were used when specifying the quantities of ingredients in a prescription, and when the pieces are put together we get the prescribing sign Rx. [Read this again for you folks with delicate sensibilities (scared) who fear the left eye!]

P.S. We will talk about the medical techniques, medicines and procedures also smurfed from Kemet in a later post.



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