The Yes They Were Black Series* – The CROOK Hiding the Black Truth of Kemet (egypt)!

crookThis man knows the truth about your blackness, about your origin. Yet he is the key MF working to suppress the black truth. Have you ever seen or heard of any Black Archaeologist on site in modern day egypt? Every got damn TV show and/or his-story related series, the folks on the ground in the place formally known as Kemet are white. They give every story accept the truth.

[Now I want to speak to a Black Archaeologist who has not been affected with the white bullshit of ancient black history in Kemet. Please email me and lets talk because time is of the essence!] And please if you are Pauzze, weak or a traitor who is also suppressing the truth, don’t contact me.

I know this request is hard for some of you because many of you have been conditioned to do what the white man says but you need to stay out of Jerusalem because that place is not your holy land. Kemet (egypt) is!

Why after slavery are you as a black person still going to worship and kiss the ass of a white jew who along with his people does not care about you?

Think about, it there was a God/Jesus, there would have never been slavery and what has continued into the 21st century, of black people being still disrespected by whites and those blacks who have lost focused.

I know it’s intense but the truth. These white folks have plagiarized what was created by black people in ancient Kemet (egypt), put it in the bible and other false documents as theirs and now they are covering up more truths found in the Sphinx, the Pyramids and other places.
crook2This man is also a crook. He is Dr. Zahi Hawass is an Egyptian archaeologist, an Egyptologist, and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs. Just like the jews many of you marvel over in Jerusalem who are NOT and I repeat WHO ARE NOT the ancient people from the bible, he is not of the ancient people of Kemet but an Arab.

He has a method called “reconditioning”. This is where you see a statue that’s definitely black and the next time you see it, it’s white after a little manual 21st century statue plastic surgery. And/or the statue’s nose or lips, or head has been removed. The same with cave, pyramid drawings so that you can not see the black features.

He and his corrupt crew have done some horrible things like building a wall around the area, denying requests to excavate and just lying about the black origins that exist here.



The Yes They Were Black Series* – The ANKH and the Cross


It’s horrible that in the 21st century that 99 percent of what is in the world is fake. Those who do this ish are some sick mutherfcukers and should be silenced. But there is too much money in faking ish and hiding the truth saves face on who actually started this world. You can’t say [but they do], that some stinky dude arrived on a beach with black people there and then say he discovered America when it’s NOT true. How can you discover something when someone is already there???????

Native Americans can’t say [but they do…] they were here first, yet over a hill are black people. There are some who say that Meriwether Lewis was smurfed (killed) because he found black people in a place they should not have been and had been there for centuries.

It seemed like for 5 years before December 21, 2012, the Mayans had the best group of Publicists in the world predicting the death of the human civilization because the closer we got to that date of doom and destruction, “Mayan, this and Mayan that…” is all you heard about. But the world didn’t give a fcuk that the Olmecs, whoolmec-colossal-headwere here before the Mayans and that everything you see with the Mayans came from the Olmecs.

It’s like this, once it is found out that there is a black face behind anything, it must be destroyed, whitewashed or the information must totally become a misdirection play with horrible explanations of the real truth. And yes, 99 percent of this fake ish is the world is orchestrated by white folks and their inept trickery.

So now lets jump to a related topic. If imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery, in this case its not. The Black race has again been ripped off especially those black brothers and sisters in ancient Kemet (egypt).

The Ankh and the Cross


The Ankh for the ancient Kemetians was the symbol (the actual Hieroglyphic sign) of life but it is a persistent icon that remains with us even today. But it’s true symbolism is slowly being erased.  There are many theories and legends about the origin of the Kemet (egypt) Ankh symbol.

The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. In other words, a penis in a vagina. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It’s closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life. Kemetians used the Ankh to stand for a word meaning life.

Then one white man’s paranoia, false hood, control issues and political agenda changed everything. [And note this is not a god but a man who made this change. if you don’t already know, the person below is the same person who put the bible together…. again, not a god but a man.]

ankh2When the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed to have had a vision of death outside the walls of Jerusalem he made the symbol of punishment and death (the cross) synonymous with Christianity; Constantine’s cross was made from a sword and a spear, a sign that a soldier could make, and non-Christians learned to hate and fear the brutality that was associated with this symbol for over a thousand years. As a result, the Ankh Cross, like the swastica usurped by the Nazis, has become associated also with Christianity and this really sucks! So you wearing the cross, you need to truly understand where it came from and what it actually means. This would be a good time to use your brain, not what you have been guided and brainwashed to believe as fact when it’s not. Again, this change from the Kemet Ankh to the cross was done by man just like the 19th & 20th century pictures of white jesus.

Whenever a person has major issues, losing control over people, all they have to do is bring religion in the fold and everything definitely goes directly to hell!  So, understand that the idea of the cross was stolen from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (egypt).


The Yes They Were Black Series* – Christianity Plaguarized (STOLEN!) from the Black Africans of Kemet (egypt)


As the world is finally in the age of Aquarius. This is the time of truth and enlightenment. Now here’s yours.

Here’s the truth that your Government, Secret Societies and those who truly run this world would kill over if you knew:

* Ausar (aka Osiris) is God

* Aset (aka Isis) is Mary

* Heru (aka Horus) is Jesus

***  All stories, events, symbol-isms, beliefs, religion, ten commandments, time travel, UFOs, Star Gods and everything else was stolen from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (egypt) and has been and is currently being whitewashed by white folks as their innovations when it’s NOT!

If you can keep still long enough and focused, watch the below video.

source: lifefulloflies


The Yes They Were Black Series* – U.S. Navy Ensign Jesse L. Brown


U.S. Navy’s First Black Pilot: Ensign Jesse Brown

Since the Travyon Martin murderous verdict, there has been a higher visibility of black related news stores which is odd and this is one of them. I consider this white guilt because I don’t believe in coincidences. Or this is the master start of distractions by the pale hand to hide the injustice racism of Trayvon Martin’s death.

Whether you’re black, white, cross eyed, limited scope-ability, short attention spans or have some other 21st century issues or excuse for not being able to focus, this should help you whether you want to believe it or not, black people started this civilization. There were many people who heard about the deeds and creations of Kemet (this was the name of Egypt before it was hellenized by the Greeks) but when they found out the true creators where of black skin, the truth had to be covered up and this is still happening today as in the the past when white folks slowly appeared from the bowels of dogs, they’ve been revoking the truth.


Note that Black people in Amerikkka today are NOT African Americans, I repeat are NOT African Americans! If this  were true, black people would have been paid Mega dollars in reparations for slavery and being captured, sold beaten, raped, burned, capitalized by, dehumanized, diseased and disrespected by the white man and his, her shenanigans.

——-  Jesse Brown graduated Jesse brown in uniform

This is the case with Jesse Brown. First you will never every know the full extent or the truth of the story because it has been sensationalized not for the sake of Jesse Brown but for the white dude. Black people have made major contributions that have not been recognized and service in the military is one. I will never ever understand why black men and black women would ever want to fight in a white man’s war. Especially since the white man feels black existence on this planet is to be servants.


jesse brown in white uniformThe flight began searching for targets along the west side of the reservoir, decreasing their altitude to 700 feet (210 m). The mission was a three-hour search and destroy flight as well as an attempt to probe Chinese troop strength in the area.

Although the flight spotted no Chinese, at 14:40 (that’s 2:40 pm for you non military folks) Koenig radioed that Brown appeared to be trailing fuel. The damage had likely come by small arms fire from Chinese infantry, who were known to hide in the snow and to ambush passing aircraft by firing in unison. At least one bullet had ruptured a fuel line. Brown, losing fuel pressure and increasingly unable to control the aircraft, dropped his external fuel tanks and rockets and attempted to land the craft in a snow-covered clearing on the side of a mountain.

jesse brown crashedBrown crashed into a bowl-shaped valley at approximately 40°36′N 127°06′E.

The aircraft broke up violently upon impact and was destroyed. In the crash, Brown’s leg was pinned beneath the fuselage of the aircraft, and he stripped off his helmet and gloves in an attempt to free himself, before waving to the other pilots, who were circling close overhead. The other pilots had thought he had died in the crash.[46] Brown had crash-landed near Somong-ni, 15 miles (24 km) behind Chinese lines in 15 °F (−9 °C) weather, and the other pilots began a Mayday radio to any heavy transport aircraft in the area as they canvassed the mountain for any sign of Chinese ground forces who might threaten Brown. They received a signal that a rescue helicopter would come as soon as possible, but Brown’s aircraft was smoking and a fire had started near its internal fuel tanks.

Before it became clear Brown was seriously injured, Hudner attempted in vain to rescue Brown by radioing him instructions for escaping his damaged aircraft. Thomas Hudner then intentionally crash-landed his aircraft, ran to Brown’s side and attempted to wrestle him free from the wreck. While Brown’s condition worsened by the minute, Hudner attempted in vain to put out the aircraft fire using snow and to pull Brown from the aircraft. In great pain, Brown began slipping in and out of consciousness.

A rescue helicopter arrived around 15:00; its pilot Lieutenant Charles Ward and Hudner were unable to put out the engine fire with a fire extinguisher, and tried unsuccessfully to free Brown with an axe for 45 minutes. They even considered, at Brown’s request, amputating his trapped leg. Brown lost consciousness shortly thereafter. His last known words to Hudner were, “Tell Daisy I love her.” Really, this is to perfect.

us navy first black pilot ensign jesse brownThe helicopter, which was unable to operate in the darkness, was forced to return to base at nightfall with Hudner, leaving Brown behind. Brown is believed to have died shortly thereafter of his injuries and exposure to the extreme cold. It is assumed that Jesse Brown but not known. Note there were no Chinese forces that threatened the site, likely owing to the heavy air presence of Brown and Hudner’s unit. There have been other stories that Jesse Brown froze to death.

Hudner begged superiors to allow him to return to the wreck to help extract Brown, but he was not allowed, as other officers feared an ambush of the vulnerable helicopters resulting in casualties.

[What happened to Ensign Jesse L. Brown’s body, you may be asking?]:

To prevent the body and the aircraft from falling into Chinese or North Korean hands, the U.S. Navy bombed the aircraft with napalm two days later, with pilots reportedly reciting the Lord’s Prayer over the radio as they watched Brown’s body be consumed by flames.

napalm explosion

This is what they did to Jesse L. Brown’s body. This is called “napalm”. It’s a thick, gelled version of gasoline designed to sick to whatever its applied to.

The pilots observed that Brown’s body was still stuck in the aircraft, but his clothes were gone. The remains of both Brown and the aircraft were never recovered. Brown was the first U.S. Navy officer killed in the war.


jesse brown sworn in“He died in the wreckage of his airplane with courage and unfathomable dignity. He willingly gave his life to tear down barriers to freedom of others.” Now honestly, how would he know this? With the plight of the black man being so negative.

—Hudner, speaking of Brown 17 February 1973, at the commissioning of the USS Jesse L. Brown. Now how did he know this when Jesse Brown could not be a 100% free man in the United States or the military.

For his actions in Korea leading up to his death, Brown was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart Medal, and the Air Medal.For the failed rescue attempt, Hudner received the Medal of Honor, the highest valor award presented by the U.S. military.

Brown’s shipmates memorialized him in a shipwide newspaper as “a Christian soldier, a gentleman, a shipmate, and friend … His courage and faith … shone like a beacon for all to see.” As word of his death spread, Brown inspired numerous other African Americans to become pilots, notably Seaman Apprentice Frank E. Petersen. Petersen would become the first African-American Marine Corps aviator and the first African-American Marine Corps general, being graduated from the Naval Aviation Training Program in 1952 and retiring from the military after 38 years in 1988 with the rank of lieutenant general.

USS Jesse L Brown in 1979On 17 February 1973, the Navy commissioned the Knox-class frigate USS Jesse L. Brown (FF-1089), the first U.S. ship named in honor of an African American. Present at the commissioning ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts, were Daisy Brown Thorne (who had remarried), Pamela Brown, and Hudner, who gave a dedication. The ship was decommissioned on 27 July 1994 and renamed the Damiyat after being commissioned with the Egyptian navy.

An extensive biography of Jesse Brown later was compiled by author Theodore Taylor, who had served in Korea and had been deeply moved by the news of Brown’s death at the time. Taylor interviewed many of Brown’s closest friends and family and consulted Daisy Brown’s personal diary and records from the Leyte’s ship log while preparing his 300-page book, published in 2007.

In 2013 it is reported that Hudner was planning to visit North Korea to help recover Brown’s remains. You may think of this as a symbolic act because how can you recover Jesse Brown’s remains when the military says it was napalmed?

Also, these two Corsair planes have been found in the Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum in North Korea. Could one these planes actually be that of Jesse L. Brown and Hudner?

Rest in Peace, U.S. Navy Ensign Jesse L. Brown!

plane 1  plane 4plane 3


New Vonage Commercial called “No Borders”. My observation…

By now you’ve seen this commercial by Vonage. Have you ever said to yourself, – self, why doesn’t the strategically placed black guy in the meeting room setting yell out “Africa?”

Now I’m not saying he should. I’m just being facetious and this is my observation but if you notice not just in this commercial but all the other phone service commercials, you never hear of a black dude, black woman or black kid wanting to make international calls at a low rate to Africa.

Now if you view this Vonage commercial carefully, you will hear Mexico!, India!, Brasil!, China!, etc., but no Africa! You would think that sense white folks seem to know about black life that this would be in this commercial since they gave the black race the faux distinction and title of African American. Which is not the case with black folks in Amerikkka.

The Yes, They Were Black Series* – Trayvon Martin


Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin RIPYou know the verdict by now and it’s not fair. You’ve seen the white media sensationalize this event to do everything in its power to make his murderer look like the victim.

I’m pissed at the continued disrespect for the black race at the hands of white-t and latinos who like this event, took advantage of an opportunity. This fat ass advanced to Trayvon Martin who was minding his own business. But not one gives a fcuk about that. This wannabee, this fake cop wannabee racist killed a black boy for no reason accept for this colour. I don’t like white /latino who think they are cops because they are more dangerous then real cops!

Trayvon Martin 4(este falso policía wannabee racista mató a un niño negro sin ninguna razón para aceptar este color).

There are a lot of people who feel the murder should be thrown in a wood chipper and his family removed. Things are very heated right now and I don’t blame anyone for their action. . You see, this has been routinely happening to black people by white folks, white cops, etc., and they go to court, get off with no charges or minimum jail time then they continue with their lives like nothing happened. I can honestly say that if this was a different time, someone and their family would be taking a dirt nap.

You see I’m Like Trayvon Martin. When this horrible event happened, I told folks from the beginning up to the end that this murderer would get off and not be charged with anything. And it happened. I told people they should monitor the bets on this trial that were going on in Vegas because folks knew this murderer would win and a lot of people won fortunes off the outcome of this faux trial. Did you know this?

No one cares about the well being of black folks, not even when you bounce or carry a ball. No one cares and this will never change. There was serious media bias between the whole black and white think, yet white folks who have become so called experts on black life were talking big ish. How can this happen? And I don’t get, all you big drug dealers, so called gang bangers especially those killing your own people in Chicago, where the fcuk were you? You can kill your own, yet when it comes to murking white and hispanic people for killing a black kid, you get pauzze krytonite.

Trayvon Martin3 Trayvon Martin was not a blonde, blue eye teen whom the media could truly go insane over. When his race came up as “black”, every stereotype they feel is associated with that color distinction surfaced. Again, it was already set that his murder and the neighborhood were all victims of Trayvon Martin’s presence. Now his murderers race just came into play that he is “latino” because morons felt he was jewish because of his last name.

Still even with that, Latinos are closer with and want to be white, so who do think their allegiance is going to be with? And yes, to those who don’t believe, race is important, just like money, ego and those who are sheep and those who truly need to be under control. If Trayvon Martin was Maury Finkelstein from Israel and killed by a black man, all hell would break loose in truly finding out the truth.

There was no a threatening atmosphere in Sanford, Fl. No calls to cops there on if he wins the city burns, nothing like that so the juror, found him not guilty. In other words, there was not a strong presence in Sanford, Fl not even with major concern there. If something was to jump off or the act of paranoid white folks thinking something was to jump off would have changed the verdict. You seen this is all a game. If it was a case of property damage, large concentration of black folks, fires, gunshots, etc., the verdict would have been different.

Trayvon Martin db

This is the dead body of Trayvon Martin. I’m showing this to show pain and media bias because when lily white folks, especially blonde, white teens are killed, they never show you their dead bodies on TV, never!


Rest in Paradise, Trayvon Martin