Delivery Man Movie mentions Sacred Number “533”

*** For the last 2 weeks, this movie – “Delivery Man” has been on the promo path. You have to ask yourself who green lights this crap? If it’s not Will Ferrell, it’s Vince Vaugh, if it’s not Vince Vaugh, it’s Jonah Somebody Douchebag. Hollyweird gets the same people to play the same parts with the only difference being the title of the movie.

This movie is about a man who have a larger number of children. That storyline didn’t bother me but the number of kids did. In the movie some dude of questionable sexual orientation, tells the Vince Vaugh character that he is the “father of 533 children”.

“533” is a sacred number with that secret society that everyone knows. It relates to the Karmic Master Number 11 (5+3+3=11) and the Angel Number 11. Oh, this ish is for real. Some of you still do not see that symbolism is in your movies, TV shows, Billboards and all around you.  “5” is the number of Man & Death. “33” is the master number.  Now remember “533” children because someone associated with this movie will read this blog and the promo will be changed probably to “500”. But when you see this movie in the theatre, you will hear “533”. This number is very significant to those affiliated.


SYMBOLISM – Example 1

Symbolism – Example 1

Subconsciously, many of you aren’t aware or even care how important symbolism is. This is because you’re not a member of that secret order that everyone knows about.

You don’t know how serious these representations are, not to you but to their cause, agenda and to other members who appreciate and worship these symbols. And of course, they were stolen from the BLACK AFRICANS IN KEMET (egypt), the true creators.

Real and fake “gangstas” , throw up gang signs and people get killed, that’s symbolism. It’s gotten so bad with the gang hand symbolism, that even deaf people can’t communicate with each other without some morons, cops or other gang members thinking they are throwing up rival gang signs. It’s still symbolism.

It’s symbolism. You kid may not be able to read but they know McDonalds. (by the way, it you turn and look at the McDonald’s sign to the right, you will see the “M” changes to 13. That’s symbolism.

When you’re watching TV, if you can keep still during the irritating commercials, check out the new Frigidaire commercial. Just take a look at the new symbolism in their logo. It looks like this:


Notice something different? Their logo used to look like this:


Even in the old logo the 5 spear crown with the “F” positioned to the right is seen. That’s symbolism. The new logo is displaying a pyramid where an “A” should be. Now some may call this a delta but note, it’s the same thing.

Bottom line: It’s looks like some folks at Frigidaire may have become members of that secret society that everyone knows about.



Sassy Black Woman Sterotype with Black Guy with sickening T-Shirt – Dress Shirt on – Progressive Commercial 2013

This commercial annoys me.  It’s seen a lot during the day on cable and regular TV and you know exactly what demographic they’re going after. And they are portraying a sense of blackness that does not apply to every black person. When you see and hear the “Sassy Black Woman” character, short, loud with fake hair, you need to know that not every black person in the world even knows a person like this.

Even though this is a stereotype of a stereotype that does exist out there, there are black people who cringe or change the channel every time this commercial comes on.

And why do 99.9% of the commercial, have the guys dressed in the t-shirt and dress shirt combo? Who wears this? Some times you see the t-shirt and the dress shirt is buttoned up. Again, who wears this outfit?


The Yes They Were Black Series* – Christianity Plaguarized (STOLEN!) from the Black Africans of Kemet (egypt)


As the world is finally in the age of Aquarius. This is the time of truth and enlightenment. Now here’s yours.

Here’s the truth that your Government, Secret Societies and those who truly run this world would kill over if you knew:

* Ausar (aka Osiris) is God

* Aset (aka Isis) is Mary

* Heru (aka Horus) is Jesus

***  All stories, events, symbol-isms, beliefs, religion, ten commandments, time travel, UFOs, Star Gods and everything else was stolen from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (egypt) and has been and is currently being whitewashed by white folks as their innovations when it’s NOT!

If you can keep still long enough and focused, watch the below video.

source: lifefulloflies


New Vonage Commercial called “No Borders”. My observation…

By now you’ve seen this commercial by Vonage. Have you ever said to yourself, – self, why doesn’t the strategically placed black guy in the meeting room setting yell out “Africa?”

Now I’m not saying he should. I’m just being facetious and this is my observation but if you notice not just in this commercial but all the other phone service commercials, you never hear of a black dude, black woman or black kid wanting to make international calls at a low rate to Africa.

Now if you view this Vonage commercial carefully, you will hear Mexico!, India!, Brasil!, China!, etc., but no Africa! You would think that sense white folks seem to know about black life that this would be in this commercial since they gave the black race the faux distinction and title of African American. Which is not the case with black folks in Amerikkka.

The Elitist Commercial for BluCigs with Steven Doroff

As far as I’m concerned, do what you want. I find this commercial to very elitist in style and content. One key point is Steven Doroff states that “he’s been smoking 20 years…”, and at the end of this commercial it shows the true effects of smoking by his hand shaking as he’s holding the BluCigs box.  After seeing this, many of you should be really suspect this and about continuing your smoking careers. Because either way, this never ends well.

Look carefully at this video at the end because the fade out is fast but when this same commercial is shown on TV the fade out is longer and you can see it.