Here is more truth for you folks “sheep led” into fake reality.

You see this image below? This is a shot of what is called “The Georgia Guidestone”. If you aren’t aware of this, you need to be. They Image are a collection of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. Built in 1980, they are primarily composed of six slabs of granite: one central pillar, four “major” stones that fan out from the center, and a capstone. The capstone has engravings on all four of its sides in four different ancient languages, all of which read, “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason,” when translated. The major stones are each engraved on both sides, and each side contains text in one of eight modern languages asserting ten guidelines.

These guidelines have proven extremely controversial, causing speculation and rumors of conspiracy that go far beyond northeast Georgia.

The Georgia Guidestones are at once a Rosetta Stone, an astronomical observatory, and a road map for rebuilding civilization. Theories of conspiracy, occultism, and apocalypse surround this monument, and it has been called a “prism of meaning” by many who have studied it. At the heart of this confusion is the missing piece of the puzzle: who was the mystery man that designed and funded the project?

Conspiracy theorists surmise a global plot on the part of shadowy group of men to reduce and subjugate the world’s population and create a “New World Order.” Others believe that the man behind the monument was a Rosicrucian, and that the stones are representative of that group’s occult manifestos. Are the stones proof of a Satanic conspiracy or a testament to a Cold War psychology of nuclear annihilation? Some are even calling this the  “The Illuminati Ten Commands”.

Okay, you’ve been warned about this and that the “mystery man” who called himself RC Christian. But here is what I’m speaking on. Him being a Rosicrucian. White got together and assembled themselves as Rosicrucians when this is again NOT the truth!
ImageThe true creator of the Rosicrucian movement was a Black Pharaoh named King Tuthmose III from Kemet (egypt). He was born c. 1504 B.C. Thutmose III succeeded to the throne after his father died, but for the first 20 years of his reign, he shared power with his aunt. After she died, he became pharaoh. As the sixth pharaoh of Egypt’s 18th dynasty, Thutmose III battled to reestablish Egyptian rule of Syria and Palestine, creating Egypt’s largest dynasty yet. He died in Egypt c. 1426 B.C.

Widely considered a military genius by historians, he was an active expansionist ruler who is sometimes referred to as the “Napoleon of Egypt”, because he was recorded to have captured 350 cities during his rule and conquered much of the Near East, from the Euphrates to Nubia during seventeen known military campaigns. He was the first pharaoh to cross the Euphrates, during his campaign against Mitanni. His campaign records were then transcribed onto the walls of the temple to Amen at Karnak.
Many of you still do not see the power that you have and that false information is still being distributed to you, to keep you distracted from the truth.


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