Today’s Proof of BLACKNESS: AMENEMOPE – THE SON OF KANAKHT (who was an Author).

Here is more stolen text from Kemet created by Black people. It is called The Proverbs of Amenemope. All many have heard of “Proverbs” right? Well this document somehow found it’s way into the bible and of course was rewritten.
Amenemope (1100 BCE) the son of Kanakht (Kanacht) is the ostensible author of the “Instruction of Amenemope, an Egyptian wisdom text written in the Ramesside Period. He is portrayed as a scribe and sage who lived in Kemet (egypt) during the late 19th Dynasty of the New Kingdom and resided in Akhmim (ancient Egyptian Ipu, Greek Panopolis), the capital of the ninth nome of Upper Egypt  His discourses are presented in the traditional form of instructions from father to son on how to live a good and moral life, but (unlike most such texts) they are explicitly organized into 30 numbered chapters.

Amenemope pharoahUnique at best, they ended up in other cultures including the Babylonia and Israel and of course in the biblical books of Proverbs, Sirach and Ecclesiastes. And remember word “egypt” did not come into play until it was sacked by the Greeks, so it was Kemet!



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