The Yes! They Were BLACK Series – THE REAL MOSES – Neb Pehte Ra Ahmose


I have family members who when they passed, requested their arms be set like those of Ahmoses and others. When I went to their funeral as a kid, I saw this. When I asked why?, the knowledge, enlightenment was given to me.

First, that many of the statues from Kemet (ancient egypt) were defaced to hide the negroid features or for you morons, to hide the fact these statues were Black! Just take a look at the pic below as evidence.


It’s also amazing (but not surprising…) that those who are seeking the truth and have no agenda, have found more and more evidence that the white version of Moses may not have existed. Those of pale skin are just big time liars.

Again, I will tell you that everything you see in the bible has been stolen from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (egypt). They were ripped off and are still being ripped off, content suppressed and the white washing of black images.


In the picture below, this is Neb Pehte Ra Ahmose. (Notice his nose has been defaced…like sphinx whose real name is Her-Em-Akht) He expelled the Hyksos invaders from Kemet (egypt) and his “Ahmose” is where the white “hebrews”, so called “jews” aka “small hats”, stole part of this name to get the biblical character “Moses”.  This act by them proves who are the true orbiters of blasphemy.




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