The Yes! They Were BLACK Series! – December 25th – Happy Birthday!, Heru Born on this date and NOT Your “Jesus”.



With the commercialism and media sensationalism of Christmas, many of you have been played into thinking “Jesus” was born on December 25th. Well this is all another clever lie!  Yet, every Christmas, millions of you continue to top your “Christmas” trees with the 5 pointed Pentagram Star that is associated with “Lucifer”.

There are folks, jews, caucasians, companies, media outlets, secret societies, your u.s. government, those who truly run the world, who are making truckloads of $money$ off your ignorance. While many of you spend money you don’t have, to give material things to people who don’t need them. The distraction process is working and has been working for years. Your Churches are nothing more then a tax-free haven that dispenses what they want you to know. If they told you the truth, morons would stop coming to church and the money train for churches would end. Simple economics. This is why many of you are “she-people” and some of you will be drinking the kool-aid when you’re told too.

Your “Jesus” is considered a Sun God but the only Sun God is Heru. Sunday is day of rebirth just as it is the Sun’s rebirth on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. Have any of you ever asked why you go to church on a Sunday?

ImageDecember 25th is actually the day Heru born and he was and is Black! Which has also long been the birth of the Sun. You see kids, December 21st is also a special day, called the Winter Solstice. This is a very important day of transition for the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (egypt) and for me!
There was an anonymous document that was written in North Africa (now here’s the mention of Africa and keep in mind, there were NO white people who existed, so who is your “Jesus?”)
You see the world marveled over the inventions, religion, knowledge, training that was happening in Kemet (egypt) until many found out they were Black! White folks would go there for training in Kemet for Science. Now check this out, “Kemet” is where Chemistry came from!!! White folks stole the name and changed it.

The white fake hebrews/so called jews aka smalhats have lied to you about the birth of your fictional biblical character “Jesus” (and other events…), when your “Jesus” was actually or supposedly born on March 28th. But keep in mind that someone with the name “Jesus” may have been invented by the Romans to keep folks under control.

The only trinity is Ausar, Aset and Heru. The only virgin mother is Aset who give birth to Heru. And look at the picture below and you see him suckling on this mother wearing the royal headdress which states that he was born a King!

ImageIn other words, she’s breast feeding Heru. Now you see where the idea came from? But was exploited by white folks? And as you can see both Aset and Heru are Black!

ImageHeru is the only one born on December 25th after the Winter Solstice. The whole “Jesus” event was again stolen from the ancient Blacks of Kemet (egypt)!  The Heru (his parents were Ausar (Greek named Osiris), (Auset (Greek named Isis) birth happened 4,000 years before there was ever a “Jesus”. That’s what the folks don’t want you to know.

Happy Birthday, Heru!  Much respect do!



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