The Yes! They Were BLACK Series! – Why the Christmas Tree is the Pyramid (Mer).


Many of you are out buying folks gifts they don’t need when the true gifts are knowledge, being together and being humble. Those who conspire, truly have you under control especially in having you believe in something that was ripped off from the ancient Black people of Kemet (egypt).


During a dinner in which Ausar (Osiris) was betrayed, Set and his associates put Ausar in a coffin, sealed it then sent it down the Nile.

The story continues that the coffin of Ausar (Osiris) was swept by the waves to the shoreline of a foreign land. A tree sprang up and grew around it, enclosing the body of Ausar in its trunk. The tree grew large, beautiful, and fragrant.

News of this magnificent tree came to the king of this alien land, who ordered that the tree be cut down, and its trunk brought to him. He utilized the trunk as a pillar in his house without knowing the great secret it contained within.

This is reference to the Tree of Life, and with all that that implies. It is also a reference to the Tet (Djed) pillar of Ausar (Osiris). In Christianity, this became the Christmas tree.

Image Image

I keep telling you that Christianity is a rip-off from the ancient Black people of Kemet (egypt).  White folks and their exploitation from Black people continues.


They don’t want to admit it but it’s the truth!

Long Live Heru! The true almighty!


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