The Cigarette is the star in The Assassination of President Kennedy documentary on CNN

Comments on 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination  


This has been 50 years of not knowing the truth. If JFK had lived, he would have definitely been the “Bill Clinton of his era”.  The Kennedy’s definitely had a great publicist and his father as the key orbiter in hiding the fact that their riches were from bootlegging.

Then they made friends with the media and then everything was romanticized into what you see today. Jackie O was quoted with the imaginary place of Camelot and they instantly became American Royalty. Even though there were the American versions of the 13 bloodline families here. But most likely, the were behind all the dreamy publicity for the morons.

ImageWhen compared to the President and his family before, they were old and Kennedy was young. Even in 1961, visualization was in full effect. So folks wanted young over old. Kennedy definitely had that it factor and connected with a lot of people. But by now you should know all of this.

When watching the footage about The Assassination of President Kennedy on CNN, you see a number of constants in all of the old footage. Like in today’s TV shows, movies, etc., you see the following annoying things:

1. Bad acting
2. Same movies being rehashed with a different title.
3. Same actors playing the same roles in different movies.
3b. The imbalance and missing black actors in roles that actually make sense. (besides playing slaves, housekeepers, drug dealers, gang members, whores, robots, blind people and mentally changelled individuals).
4. Horrible remakes of classics.
5. Horrible TV shows/Movies with horrible soundtracks.
6. Actors have walk around in scenes because a lot of the viewers had A.D.D and very, very, very store attention spans (the TV show, Law and Order is guilty of this).
7. The number 1 thing you see – is the cellphone!  

Now go to the old black and white footage of before and after the Kennedy assassination, and you see the following.

1. Black people who were there but never interviewed.
2. Black people seen outside the hospital where Kennedy was taken.
3. Black people crying over the shooting and his death, yet these images were not show until 2013!
4. Oswald actually has no ideal what’s going on. He was definitely framed. There is no way in hell that Oswald had anything to do with any of this. Especially, with a $19.95 rifle & scope with $1.50 for shipping and handling rifle.

5. What you also see is that a lot of people involved including members of the Warren Commission, all became filthy rich, higher entitlement status, Presidents, higher up the corruption leader, Airports and other facilities named after them. I know you’ve been somewhere and you see a name, and you say who is so and so? Most likely, they were either on the Warren Commission, in some way associated with Kennedy’s assassination or family.

If you don’t think that the Kennedy assassination isn’t a conspiracy, something is wrong with you. Another reason that this is a setup is because his papers and other information can’t be accessed until 2017. Ask yourself why?

*** You need to review the Assassination of John F. Kennedy on CNN because it looks like the actually shooter may be in the footage. There is a shot of a “cop” with a brown rifle and no other cop has that weapon. The news guy said he ran up the hill and saw nothing….in the next frame, the cop is seen looking up.

Did you know that there were no laws on the book about killing a President at that time? So Kennedy’s assassination was being investigated as a “local murder”.

6. Those who knew the truth and tried to right a wrong have met with unfortunate accidents and numerous deaths.

7. But the key star of all this old footage besides Kennedy, is the forced character with the narcissistic personality, grandiose disorder is the cigarette!




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