Today’s Proof of BLACKNESS:    Saint Benedict the Black

His name and title says it all. This is more proven evidence of the true existence of black people in ancient times. Again, this is something that you would never be told in school or on TV because this is information that the hidden hand does not want you to know.

You may ask yourself, why you need this information? Because you do!!!!!!!!! Those fake jews keep tradition up and continue to big up this ripped off from black people his-story and keep you out of the loop, uneducated, uninspired, ignorant of true facts is theirs and others objective.

Saint Benedict the Black was:
Also known as
•    Benedict of Palermo
•    Benedict of San Philadelphio
•    Benedict of Sanfratello
•    Benedict the African
•    Benedict the Moor
•    il Moro
•    4 April

His parents, Christopher and Diana, were slaves who had been taken from Africa to Sicily. Benedict was granted his freedom at age 18, but remained as an employee of his former master. Scorned and mocked by others as poor as himself, due to his origin and skin, he retained a natural cheerfulness.

He met with, and became enamored of a group of Franciscan hermits near Palermo. Benedict sold what little he had, gave away the money to the poor, and joined this group. Novice master and reluctant superior of the friars in Palermo. When his term ended, he happily returned to working in the friary kitchen. Benedict never referred to possessions as “mine” but always “ours.” He had gifts for prayer and the guidance of souls. His humility and cheerfulness set an example that helped reform his order. On his death, King Philip III of Spain paid for a special tomb for the simple friar.

He is the Patron Saint of: African missions, black missions, all black people, and Palermo, Sicily.

His feast is on the 4th April:
Opening Prayer
O God, our Father,
in your loving plan of salvation
you choose the weak and the simple
to reveal your power and greatness.
Give us the grace
to follow the example of St Benedict “The Black”
in his humility, spirit of service and intercession,
that we too, like him, may be chosen instruments
in the building of your Kingdom.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.
Benedict was not a Moor, but a Black Italian “il Moro” for “the Black” has been misinterpreted as referring to a Moorish heritage.

•    1526 at Messina, Italy on the estate of Chevalier de Lanza a San Fratello
•    1589 of natural causes
•    body reported incorrupt when exhumed several years later. This means his body never decayed!!!!!!!
•    15 May 1743 by Pope Benedict XIV
•    24 May 1807 by Pope Pius VIII



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