The Yes, They Were BLACK! Series* – SAINT MAURICE



With the alienation of the black race being erased from the annuals of true black history, again I wanted you to know the existence of black people in ancient times and their contributions. You will never get this information in your schools and even if a real MF comes forth and tells you, believe in this information is refuted. But not here.

ImageThis is St. Maurice from the Martyrs. I’m researching right now to find out if he was a Pharaoh or from a royal black family in Kemet (egypt). By the way, “egypt” means Black. Some who want to mislead you will say that it means “land of bondage”.  

St. Maurice was born in the 3rd century in Thebes, egypt. He was honored in the Oriental Orthodoxy, Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Canonized in Pre-Congregation for the Causes of the Saint. His major was Abbaye de Saint-Maurice and he has a shrine, d’Agaune (until 961) and Catherdral of Magdeburg (year 961 to the present).

There is also a yearly feast (that you never heard about), on September 22 (West), October 5th which equals Thout 5 (Copic) and December 27th (Orthodox).

ImageHere is all of his honorable attributes: he was a banner, soldier, knight, indigenous African in full armor, bearing a standard and a palm, knight in armor with a red cross on his breast, which is the badge of the Sardinian Order of Saint Maurice.


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