SYMBOLISM – Example 1

Symbolism – Example 1

Subconsciously, many of you aren’t aware or even care how important symbolism is. This is because you’re not a member of that secret order that everyone knows about.

You don’t know how serious these representations are, not to you but to their cause, agenda and to other members who appreciate and worship these symbols. And of course, they were stolen from the BLACK AFRICANS IN KEMET (egypt), the true creators.

Real and fake “gangstas” , throw up gang signs and people get killed, that’s symbolism. It’s gotten so bad with the gang hand symbolism, that even deaf people can’t communicate with each other without some morons, cops or other gang members thinking they are throwing up rival gang signs. It’s still symbolism.

It’s symbolism. You kid may not be able to read but they know McDonalds. (by the way, it you turn and look at the McDonald’s sign to the right, you will see the “M” changes to 13. That’s symbolism.

When you’re watching TV, if you can keep still during the irritating commercials, check out the new Frigidaire commercial. Just take a look at the new symbolism in their logo. It looks like this:


Notice something different? Their logo used to look like this:


Even in the old logo the 5 spear crown with the “F” positioned to the right is seen. That’s symbolism. The new logo is displaying a pyramid where an “A” should be. Now some may call this a delta but note, it’s the same thing.

Bottom line: It’s looks like some folks at Frigidaire may have become members of that secret society that everyone knows about.




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