Delivery Man Movie mentions Sacred Number “533”

*** For the last 2 weeks, this movie – “Delivery Man” has been on the promo path. You have to ask yourself who green lights this crap? If it’s not Will Ferrell, it’s Vince Vaugh, if it’s not Vince Vaugh, it’s Jonah Somebody Douchebag. Hollyweird gets the same people to play the same parts with the only difference being the title of the movie.

This movie is about a man who have a larger number of children. That storyline didn’t bother me but the number of kids did. In the movie some dude of questionable sexual orientation, tells the Vince Vaugh character that he is the “father of 533 children”.

“533” is a sacred number with that secret society that everyone knows. It relates to the Karmic Master Number 11 (5+3+3=11) and the Angel Number 11. Oh, this ish is for real. Some of you still do not see that symbolism is in your movies, TV shows, Billboards and all around you.  “5” is the number of Man & Death. “33” is the master number.  Now remember “533” children because someone associated with this movie will read this blog and the promo will be changed probably to “500”. But when you see this movie in the theatre, you will hear “533”. This number is very significant to those affiliated.


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