The Yes, They Were BLACK! Series* – MEMNON



Again, when they tell you black people didn’t exist in ancient times and other countries, they have lied to you. And this is part of the continued cover up. This image is of actual black person from Greek and Roman antiquity. You may not see the equal display of black people on TV, movies, commercials, etc., but note that this image is real!!!!!! Black History was stolen, repackaged then put out by the folks as their own as “Milli Vanilli” type his-story.

This bust was found more than a century ago in one of the several villas owned by Herodes and it added a face to the name of the person recorded by Philostratus in his “Lives of the Sophists.

He was held in very, very hight esteem. He was given the sobriquet “Memnon” in reference to the Ethiopian ally of the Trojans in Homer’s lliad. He had the perception of a great character of introspection, even melancholy. Memnon was an Ethiopian King and son to Tithonus and Eos. He also spent time in Africa and Egypt.

Philostratus and other sources wrote of the extreme grief manifested by Herodes at the early death of Memnon.

Also, notice the attempt to again, refute the negroid ethnicity, “the folks” damage the nose. A common practice to try to hide the truth.



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