The Yes, They Were BLACK! Series* – Black Jesus (Heru/Horus) in the Catacombs of Domitilla


Today’s Proof of BLACKNESS:  Black “Jesus” (Heru/Horus) in the Catacomb Domitilla

Here’s more enlightenment. Now I want you to see these images before their skin color mysteriously changes.

I believe that Heru (Horus) was what is known today as Jesus Christ or Christos. With the same breath, I strongly believe besides the Romans (and others), ripped off and plagiarized the creations of the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (aka egypt).

There is also strong evidence that “Jesus” was nothing more than a creation by the Romans, the Flavians, Josephus, The Alexanders, Philo of Alexandria, Princess Berenice, the Herod family, the Roman Imperial Cult and other co-conspirators, to gain control over the people. You know like it is today. But we will get to that in another posting.

Below is an image that was found in the Catacomb Domitilla in Rome, Italy. It depicts black Jesus (Heru/Horus) and his Apostles. See some early ancient people knew the truth! Notice, no beard! Again, you needed to see this before the unauthorized, unethical practice of white washing BLACK images occurs.


Now if you compare the below child statue of Heru (Horus) with the above picture, they are similar only separated by age.



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