The Yes They Were BLACK! Series* – Bass Reeves – The Real Inspiration for the Lone Ranger!


Today’s Proof of BLACKNESS:   Bass Reeves – The Real Inspiration for the Lone Ranger character!

Like the Lone Ranger? Here’s what you don’t know. This black man was the inspiration for the Lone Ranger. ImageMany of you may have been sleep or Tonto (in Native tongue means “stupid”) to this fact but still it’s important that you know this.

Bass Reeves was born July 1838 and died January 1910 and was the first black to receive a commission as a Deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River.

Because he was physically imposing at 6’2, 180 lbs, many outlaws chose to give up rather than pick a fight of any kind with him. Reeves reportedly arrested more than 3,000 people during his 32 year career as a Deputy Marshal- men and women, whites, blacks, and Native Americans.


[This is Bass Reeves gun, badge and bullets.]

His most difficult arrest was of his own son, Bennie, in 1902, who was arrested for the murder of his wife when he found out she had an affair. Bennie was tried and sentenced to life in prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, but was released after ten years for good behavior. – He’s also now in the U.S. Marshals Museum.



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