These images have destroyed cultures, caused wars, spread diseases and caused thinking that is completely unacceptable to common sense. When you look at the image below, look to the left of it and below. This is Cesare Borgia. I repeat, this is Cesare Borgia the Duke of Valentinois and NOT Jesus. His image was used to gain control and his father, Pope Alexander VI commissioned the artist Leonardo Da Vinci, to create this image of him as “Christ like”.


Now not many of you know this truth and not many of you will believe this but this is fact. The bible stated this would happen and tells you that every time you see this image it should be burned. It still does not explain why this hasn’t happened. People still worship this man when it is evident that it is not Jesus. I’m applauded by this especially with that giant statue in Brazil that shows him with his arms out and now the statue being forced on the people of Syria. It don’t help when the christian artist from Chicago, named Warner Sallman created Head of Christ in 1942 because this only manifested the lie.

Yet, some Black people still worship and have images of this guy in their house, churches, t-shirts, etc. How can you worship a white man after slavery? Common sense would tell you not to but the fakery continues.


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