The Yes, They Were BLACK! Series* – White-T Whitewashing BLACK Imagery – The Plight of White Supremcy, False Credit & Entitlement


Everyday, in Rome, what is now known as Egypt (formerly Kemet) and all over the world, the true imagery of Black people as Leaders, Creators, Visionaries, Technologist, Spiritualists, etc. has been white washed, covered up by white people worldwide. Just like the coverup is going on in present days, in a couple of years, the hidden hand will make you think that Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and all of the other mofus who can’t sign, will be crowned as the creators of R&B as Eminem will be the creator of Hip Hop. It’s definitely happening, you just don’t see it yet. Black people have made contributions to create this world and have watched their creations being stolen by the white man. And the shenanigans continue. But what you should know is that everything and I mean everything came from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (aka egypt)! The Bible, The Jews and others have stolen the truth from people of Color and just, color does matter.

The picture below show you a white dude openly white washing a picture of “Jesus” (who’s real name is actually Yahushua and is a black man). The ironic part is the actual black painting behind him. Peep the arrow to the left of the picture.




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