Sassy Black Woman Sterotype with Black Guy with sickening T-Shirt – Dress Shirt on – Progressive Commercial 2013

This commercial annoys me.  It’s seen a lot during the day on cable and regular TV and you know exactly what demographic they’re going after. And they are portraying a sense of blackness that does not apply to every black person. When you see and hear the “Sassy Black Woman” character, short, loud with fake hair, you need to know that not every black person in the world even knows a person like this.

Even though this is a stereotype of a stereotype that does exist out there, there are black people who cringe or change the channel every time this commercial comes on.

And why do 99.9% of the commercial, have the guys dressed in the t-shirt and dress shirt combo? Who wears this? Some times you see the t-shirt and the dress shirt is buttoned up. Again, who wears this outfit?



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