The Yes They Were Black Series* – The CROOK Hiding the Black Truth of Kemet (egypt)!

crookThis man knows the truth about your blackness, about your origin. Yet he is the key MF working to suppress the black truth. Have you ever seen or heard of any Black Archaeologist on site in modern day egypt? Every got damn TV show and/or his-story related series, the folks on the ground in the place formally known as Kemet are white. They give every story accept the truth.

[Now I want to speak to a Black Archaeologist who has not been affected with the white bullshit of ancient black history in Kemet. Please email me and lets talk because time is of the essence!] And please if you are Pauzze, weak or a traitor who is also suppressing the truth, don’t contact me.

I know this request is hard for some of you because many of you have been conditioned to do what the white man says but you need to stay out of Jerusalem because that place is not your holy land. Kemet (egypt) is!

Why after slavery are you as a black person still going to worship and kiss the ass of a white jew who along with his people does not care about you?

Think about, it there was a God/Jesus, there would have never been slavery and what has continued into the 21st century, of black people being still disrespected by whites and those blacks who have lost focused.

I know it’s intense but the truth. These white folks have plagiarized what was created by black people in ancient Kemet (egypt), put it in the bible and other false documents as theirs and now they are covering up more truths found in the Sphinx, the Pyramids and other places.
crook2This man is also a crook. He is Dr. Zahi Hawass is an Egyptian archaeologist, an Egyptologist, and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs. Just like the jews many of you marvel over in Jerusalem who are NOT and I repeat WHO ARE NOT the ancient people from the bible, he is not of the ancient people of Kemet but an Arab.

He has a method called “reconditioning”. This is where you see a statue that’s definitely black and the next time you see it, it’s white after a little manual 21st century statue plastic surgery. And/or the statue’s nose or lips, or head has been removed. The same with cave, pyramid drawings so that you can not see the black features.

He and his corrupt crew have done some horrible things like building a wall around the area, denying requests to excavate and just lying about the black origins that exist here.



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