The Yes They Were Black Series* – Christianity Plaguarized (STOLEN!) from the Black Africans of Kemet (egypt)


As the world is finally in the age of Aquarius. This is the time of truth and enlightenment. Now here’s yours.

Here’s the truth that your Government, Secret Societies and those who truly run this world would kill over if you knew:

* Ausar (aka Osiris) is God

* Aset (aka Isis) is Mary

* Heru (aka Horus) is Jesus

***  All stories, events, symbol-isms, beliefs, religion, ten commandments, time travel, UFOs, Star Gods and everything else was stolen from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (egypt) and has been and is currently being whitewashed by white folks as their innovations when it’s NOT!

If you can keep still long enough and focused, watch the below video.

source: lifefulloflies


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