New Vonage Commercial called “No Borders”. My observation…

By now you’ve seen this commercial by Vonage. Have you ever said to yourself, – self, why doesn’t the strategically placed black guy in the meeting room setting yell out “Africa?”

Now I’m not saying he should. I’m just being facetious and this is my observation but if you notice not just in this commercial but all the other phone service commercials, you never hear of a black dude, black woman or black kid wanting to make international calls at a low rate to Africa.

Now if you view this Vonage commercial carefully, you will hear Mexico!, India!, Brasil!, China!, etc., but no Africa! You would think that sense white folks seem to know about black life that this would be in this commercial since they gave the black race the faux distinction and title of African American. Which is not the case with black folks in Amerikkka.

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