The Yes, They Were Black Series* – Trayvon Martin


Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin RIPYou know the verdict by now and it’s not fair. You’ve seen the white media sensationalize this event to do everything in its power to make his murderer look like the victim.

I’m pissed at the continued disrespect for the black race at the hands of white-t and latinos who like this event, took advantage of an opportunity. This fat ass advanced to Trayvon Martin who was minding his own business. But not one gives a fcuk about that. This wannabee, this fake cop wannabee racist killed a black boy for no reason accept for this colour. I don’t like white /latino who think they are cops because they are more dangerous then real cops!

Trayvon Martin 4(este falso policía wannabee racista mató a un niño negro sin ninguna razón para aceptar este color).

There are a lot of people who feel the murder should be thrown in a wood chipper and his family removed. Things are very heated right now and I don’t blame anyone for their action. . You see, this has been routinely happening to black people by white folks, white cops, etc., and they go to court, get off with no charges or minimum jail time then they continue with their lives like nothing happened. I can honestly say that if this was a different time, someone and their family would be taking a dirt nap.

You see I’m Like Trayvon Martin. When this horrible event happened, I told folks from the beginning up to the end that this murderer would get off and not be charged with anything. And it happened. I told people they should monitor the bets on this trial that were going on in Vegas because folks knew this murderer would win and a lot of people won fortunes off the outcome of this faux trial. Did you know this?

No one cares about the well being of black folks, not even when you bounce or carry a ball. No one cares and this will never change. There was serious media bias between the whole black and white think, yet white folks who have become so called experts on black life were talking big ish. How can this happen? And I don’t get, all you big drug dealers, so called gang bangers especially those killing your own people in Chicago, where the fcuk were you? You can kill your own, yet when it comes to murking white and hispanic people for killing a black kid, you get pauzze krytonite.

Trayvon Martin3 Trayvon Martin was not a blonde, blue eye teen whom the media could truly go insane over. When his race came up as “black”, every stereotype they feel is associated with that color distinction surfaced. Again, it was already set that his murder and the neighborhood were all victims of Trayvon Martin’s presence. Now his murderers race just came into play that he is “latino” because morons felt he was jewish because of his last name.

Still even with that, Latinos are closer with and want to be white, so who do think their allegiance is going to be with? And yes, to those who don’t believe, race is important, just like money, ego and those who are sheep and those who truly need to be under control. If Trayvon Martin was Maury Finkelstein from Israel and killed by a black man, all hell would break loose in truly finding out the truth.

There was no a threatening atmosphere in Sanford, Fl. No calls to cops there on if he wins the city burns, nothing like that so the juror, found him not guilty. In other words, there was not a strong presence in Sanford, Fl not even with major concern there. If something was to jump off or the act of paranoid white folks thinking something was to jump off would have changed the verdict. You seen this is all a game. If it was a case of property damage, large concentration of black folks, fires, gunshots, etc., the verdict would have been different.

Trayvon Martin db

This is the dead body of Trayvon Martin. I’m showing this to show pain and media bias because when lily white folks, especially blonde, white teens are killed, they never show you their dead bodies on TV, never!


Rest in Paradise, Trayvon Martin


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