The Yes, They Were BLACK Series* – Psusennes I


Psusennes I

Was was the third king of the 21st Dynasty of Kemet/Egypt who ruled from Tanis (Greek name for Dzann, Biblical Zoan) between 1047 – 1001 BC.

psusennes_mask2Psusennes is the Greek version of his original name Pasebakhaenniut which means “The Star Appearing in the City” while his throne name, Akheperre Setepenamun, translates as “Great are the Manifestations of Ra, chosen of Amun.”He was the son of Pinedjem I and Henuttawy, Rameses XI’s daughter by Tentamun. He married his sister Mutnedjmet.

Do you know who is also called “The Star Appearing in the City?” King David. In the 21st century there is talk that both Psusennes and King David were the same person! This would definitely change everything!

Psusenne 2

Psusennes I front



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