The Yes, They Were BLACK! Series* – Pharaoh Awybre Hor


Pharaoh Awybre Hor

Pharaoh of Kemet/Egypt
Reign:   7 months ca. 1760 BC, 13th Dynasty
Predecessor:   Renseneb
Successor:     Sedjefakare
Children:   Nubhetepti-khered
Burial:    shaft tomb at Dahshur

Pharaoh Hor was an Egyptian king of the 13th Dynasty. He appears in the Turin King List as Au-ib-Ra. He most likely reigned only for a short time, not long enough to prepare a pyramid, which was in this dynasty still the common burial place for kings.

Ka_Statue_of_horawibraAs far as is known, Pharaoh Hor seems to have been an ephemeral ruler, not least because his reign seems to have been notably short. He nevertheless bequeathed to posterity one of the most frequently reproduced examples of Ancient Egyptian art.

This is one of the best-preserved and most accomplished wooden statues to survive from antiquity, and illustrates an artistic genre that must once have been common in Egyptian art, but has rarely survived in such good condition.

Pharaoh Hor is believed to have had a reign of only seven months around the year 1760 BC. This short period corresponds very well to the archaeological remains, since he will not have had time to commission a substantial tomb.

Pharaoh Hor is mainly known from his burial in a shaft tomb found at Dahshur next to the pyramid of king Amenemhat III. The tomb was found essentially intact and still contained the partly gilded wooden coffin of the king, a naos with a statue, some jewelry, the canopic box with canopic vessels, two inscribed stelae and several other objects.

Next to the burial of the Pharaoh Hor was found the undisturbed tomb of the ‘king’s daughter’ Nubhetepti-khered. She was likely a daughter of King Hor or otherwise a daughter of Amenemhat III.



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