The Yes, They Were BLACK! Series* – Queen Tiye


Queen Tiye was the Chief Queen of Amenhotep III. She was also the daughter of Tjuyu and Yuya and the mother of Akhenaten. She was considered to be the matriarch of the Amarna family.

queen tiye34Tiye (c. 1398 BC – 1338 BC, also spelled Taia, Tiy and Tiyi) was the daughter of Yuya and Tjuyu (also spelled Thuyu). She became the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhopet III.

Queen Tiye didn’t necessarily accomplish any momentous feat; rather she held a strong position in political life in Egypt. Her personality matched with her marriage to Amenhotep III induced her political strength which she used to benefit the empire.

No one knows how queen Tiye died. Some conspirators + Tiye wanted to kill the king (Ramesses III) to make Tiye’s son (Pentawer) king instead.

But the the conspirators were caught and were sent to trial, and were forced to commit suicide, all except for Queen Tiye.

queen tiye33  queen tiye2 queen_tiye1319030142066queen tiye3queen tiye23



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