The Real King Tut!

ImageThere is so much confusion with this topic. Those who don’t want to tell the truth lie and change the facts of one’s true origins. Steal the ideas, technology and spirituality and claim as their own when it’s now. Don’t just hate that? Yet, they get away with it because they have infused distractions to keep your mind off seeking the truth which is everyone’s lost.

ImageBelow is the white adaptation of King Tut when it’s not. Those corrupt Egyptologist in present day Egypt know the truth yet they keep perpetrating frauds especially that racist Dr. Zahi Hawass (an Arab) from the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Egypt is a gold mine in tourism so as long as he keeps the true identity of the black Africans of Kemet (Egypt) in limbo, money keeps pouring in.  

I’m sick of hearing that the Black Africans of Kemet (ancient Egypt) where dark white people when that is bs at the highest level. Sick of white folks, secret societies and wanksters acting like they created something they didn’t.

The big deal right now is King Tut’s DNA make up. First this is real King Tut and not that light skinned depiction that was created you see on TV, in publications and on the internet.



Also, this is King Tut’s grandmother Queen Tiye. (more proof of a fact)



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