Herpes and You! What happened to this Valtrex Commercial?

What ever happened to this commercial? It’s been gone from the airwaves for a while and ou woujld think that with the large outbreaks and complete loss of control with some randy folks, this would be the primetime to make a boatload$ of money off of people’s coitus missteps.

For those of you who don’t know, Valtrex is a med for genital herpes from the large pharmaceutical super rich company, GlaxoSmithKline.

GH1I think this commercial went away due to it’s stigma. The last thing you want to see and hear is a commercial about genital herpes during family time with your kids present (if you have any), about to eat or as you’re pulling your pants down for a little horizontal mambo.

The early commercials showed the beautiful people (like this one does), riding bikes and swimming which is the last thing you need to be doing in the public domain. I was waiting for the early commercials to show a couple at a All you can Eat Buffet dripping their fingers in various foods or the Doctor with genital herpes about to operate on an unsuspecting patient.

GH2What I find disheartening is this commercial makes all the people involved very happy because as part of the misleading process is that Valtrex is a cure. This is how morons and the over sexually active saw this commercial.

So when you let your genitals think as your brain, here is the red carpet ride of other dangers you will be walking on.


The bottom line here is that tooooo many dees and vees are differently bad for your health and it’s time to close your legs and open your minds and be more responsible!

GH5                 GH6




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