Questions about the CrucifiXion::

INRINow these are my observations, so don’t start tripping. There are numerous writings, stories, painting and first hand accounts of what happened at the Crucifixion. Everything from there were 2 Marys in attendance, UFOs and some folks believe it never happened while others feel it was staged.

Take a look at these depictions of the crucifixion. See if you can figure any differences. Here is the key: the feet. In some visualizations the feet are straight, almost pointing. In other depictions, the feet are crossed. Keep reading…


The difference are the feet and that in every picture ever made, the face of Jesus is different as well as the positioning on the cross. Keep reading…….

cx5Here are the questions:

  1. 1. Was the crucifixion a what we know as today, a Hollyweird type publicity stunt to change people’s views and get them under control? Jesus has those “missing years” from age 13 to 30. There are stories that he was in training in India. 17 years later, he returns to Egypt and tells Mary Magdalene that he “wants to convert the Roman Empire to the holy Roman Empire.”
  1. 2. Since Jesus and his wealthy relatives knew about Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion in advance, was it planned along with his resurrection?
  2. 3. Why was he taken down from the cross only after 6 hours? Yet, everyone else was left there.

cx93-no stool-crucifiction

4. Did Jesus actually survive the wounds of his crucifixion?

5.  If he was dead, why was he treated with Royal healing oils?

Now here is what makes me think some type of shenanigans were going on. I’ve been seeing this for years in text and pictures and no one could explain this. Many weren’t even looking for this.

View the arrows in the next series of pictures. Why on the cross does Jesus have a foot stool or ledge? Look at the pictures here at the feet. The other people don’t have this.


This should definitely make you go Hmmm or WTF? Why would you need a foot stool, rest or ledge when being Crucified? This defeats the whole purpose.  The presence of this foot stool is an equivalent to a suicide bomber calling in sick on the day he/she is to cause havoc. Why is it there? Something definitely is not right with this story.


cx95-stool-foot ledgecx96-stool-foot ledgecx100-stool suspect

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