Humira Rheumatoid Arthritis TV Commercial – Giving False Hope

These TV commercials are truly an annoyance to me. Mainly, because they don’t tell the truth about drugs, products and services. You’ve seen this commercial and at this time, RA may not be on your “Health Concern” radar at this time.  But here are some interesting observations.

When normal people are suffering with this disease and being homeless, they show a woman with  husband (and not a boyfriend because when these commercials are shown, you have to show a wedding ring…), nice house, healthy looking kids and the world is just their oyster especially now that Humira drug has solved the female’s moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis issues.

Well this is the real face of Rheumatoid Arthritis and can this drug fix these issues?:


Now go back to the video and watch her hands at 0:07. You will notice the camera also focuses on her hands. This commercial makes a cluster of people who deal with this disease everyday, think this drug is a cure all and will release them back to normal functioning limbs.

Keep watching her hand….. The Disclaimer Dude is about to start talking about the “Side Effects” (code for Dangers) of this drug. With the same breath, real people who suffer from RA are desperate. Many feel that if they take this drug one night and wake up in the morning with their hands and feet untwisted, the side effects would be worth the risks. This is how drug companies take advantage of the public and this is prime example.

RA3Now what you see on the screen in this commercial is the distraction to keep some you with the attention spans of nats, focused more on what you see visually then what you’re hearing and missing out on the fact that this drug can kill you.



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