Texting while Driving Leads to Death and Sh*tload of Accolades….

is u r? This is the text message Missy Moron was sending when she crashed into 13 parked cars, drove through a school yard, running over 33 handicapped children before finally crashing into a gas station that was being filled by a gas truck.

ImageYou’ve seen the commercials by itcanwait.com, who are the arbiters of bringing attention to the deaths caused by texting while driving. Deaths from this technological snafu, should have been put in Apple’s and other phone carrier’s/Company’s QA test plan as an issue of danger but it wasn’t. But these company did put down their projected revenue from selling you these devices, gaining and maintaining control you and your wallet plus doing whatever to keep your unwitting allegiance to them.

I know tards who just pay their high bill just to have a cellphone to impress themselves and others. You’ve have to had seen this for yourselves.

ImageThese commercials give the impression that the only demographic who experiences this texting while driving death issue, is the white race. Then they throw in the accolades of how great their dead kid was. You will never ever see a real commercial by itcanwait.com, where the parents are actually upset and not sedated, or paired as paid actors to fake speak on this topic. Some People can barely focus, walk, think, deal with life situations. Throw in texting while driving and all hell is going to break loose. Because of the race implications, the accolades say that even when we were alive,  we won as and now in death, we still win…. It’s also horrible to see a hand painted picture of a person in a Marine uniform who died from texting. Blasphemy. (unless you served, don’t trip.)   

ImageAccolades are fine but the world is moron driven. The only way to stop or diminish deaths from texting while driving is to show explicit photos and videos of the aftermath of texting while driving. Some Young people are fatalistic from the jump. So you talking about them like they are unbreakable only reinforces this. The people who truly run this country turned an already easily impressionable, slow, A.D.D generation into the “me” and “i” generation and these deaths are the end results due to lack of focus and “me” responsibility. The cellphone is the distraction.

So if you are a kid in the real world and don’t have  good relationship with your parents, do you think you will get these accolades shown on these commercials as you in life being a genius, happy, cheerful, beautiful, smart, no one was a stranger, always smiled, etc., etc…..? Hell no, but what’s missing here is she/he was too stupid to realize the dangers and was told in detail about death when texting while driving.


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