Amun – RA: The Birthday You should really be Celebrating every Year on December 25th


“Am I now your enemy, just because I told you the truth?” [Galatians 4:16]

If you don’t know by now, a lot of what you have read, heard about and what you believe, actually came from the ancient Black Africans of Kemet (ancient Egypt). And this is one of those stories where they will actually be recognized.

These stories were not borrowed but stolen and then plagiarized to suit those other people’s agenda with the bible.

Amun-Ra was also known as Amon, Ammon and AMEN. He was the Kemet God known as “King of Gods” and “Lord of Heaven”. The Nome of God of Thebes and Father of Khonsu. The Romans identified him with Jupiter. He was a deity who became the patron deity and one of the most important.


Also being the invisible creative power, hidden from view. The living force that dwells around all living things and lines with all beings. The Father of the Gods and Ruler of the Universe who constructed himself out of the Chaos (NuN): the [Big Bang].

Every time people say the Lord’s “Prayer”, at the end they add a one word salutation, “AMEN”. The word “AMEN” is a response to every Masonic Prayer (aka Freemasons/Masons) as they say “So mote it be-Amen”. Well kids, this is who AMEN is and he’s a brother.




Now something that should make you go Hmmmm… Amun Ra is the original Black African spiritual God Force whose birthday was celebrated on December 25th in Kemet (Ancient Egypt), 4,100 years before that of Jesus “The Christ” was NOT born on that date.


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