Is the Sphinx a Female?

First of all what you know as the hellenized name “sphinx” given by the Greeks is actually named “Hwran Horemakhet”. And also pay attention to this part. This comment is from people who saw this work of marvel up close and stated “the features of the Sphinx’s profile are both Negroid (Black) and female”. And here is what Egyptologists ignore: the Nose was removed to prevent others from seeing the resemblance of a Black African who is a Female.


Plus with the head-dress, beard and Cobra on the forehead are traditionally associated with Royalty. And you know just like in the 21st Century, some weak dudes aren’t feeling a Black female especially with power.

Sir Norman Lockyer suggested that the image of a half loin, half woman aspect symbolized the junction of the constellations Leo & Virgo which occurred at the Summer Solstice in the 4th Millennium B.C. View the pictures below of what some people who saw the sphinx and made drawings of what they saw.




What’s throwing all this off center if it’s a Black female is the name. Hwran Horemakhet in the human form was a male. A second question is are the eyes which look like eyes of a female lion. In my research, I wanted to find the person the Sphinx was created after and here is what I found. Now don’t steal my thunder!  And remember that this is my find!

1. Hwran Horemakhet aka “the Sphinx”.                                                                    2. Hwran Horemakhet in Human form.

Horemakhet female                                    Face2_CX



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