Black African History Definitely being Blacked Out by White Wash!

It’s breaks my heart to see this total disregard to what the Black Africans of Kemet
(you know if as ancient Egypt), created. Just like white folks, the Europeans, Arabs,
Greeks and others, disfigured the statues of Kemet when they found out the people
they worshipped, idolized and stolen from where actually Black. Done by people who
didn’t care nor understanding what was being developed there. One example of on
purpose disfigurement would be what the Greeks hellenized as “the sphinx” when it’s
real name is Horemakhet.


In what you know today as Egypt are NOT the original people from Ancient Egypt. Just like those Jews in Israel, Hollyweird, New York and other places aren’t in anyway connected to the bible Jews. The Palestine people know this and you see what they’re going through.

But when this disrespect happens regarding Black History, the world is silent.

Here’s one example of many of the act of Black History being blacked out by white wash.


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