Real Names of the Original (First) Holy Trinity

In Kemet (aka Egypt), there were no white people. No Jesus Christ, No God. Now read this back to yourself because this is important. Now note that Egypt is in Africa and still in Africa. And you should know who the majority and dominating race are.

The Greeks sacked (invaded) and took over Kemet/Egypt. They of course destroyed a lot of ish, renamed people, property and religion and of course took credit for a lot of creation they didn’t create. But what they did do that was right was to identify the Pharaohs and people as black!

The process of the name changes were called “Hellenized”. And what you should know is the truth because current “his-story” books will not address this and no effort is being done to correct a wrong. This story is about the Original (First) Holy Trinity who besides the country being hellenized from Kemet to Egypt were the first victims of this horrendous act.

Original Kemet Names:    Greek Hellenized Names:

Ausar                                              Osiris

Ausar-Osiris faceAusar_asuria3Ausar_Black-231x311

Aset                                                 Isis

Aset and Henuisis_peintAset-Isis

Heru                                                Horus

HeruheruHeru all seeing eye

Now after you further read this story, you should notice that The First Council of Nicaea (who put the bible together) was a council of Christian bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia (present-day Iznik  in Turkey) by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325, plagiarized the Kemet/Egypt story as their own. So do you know what this means and how the truth would effect modern day religion? Do you know what this truth would do to the world? This is just one of the secrets the people who run this country and world DO NOT want you to know especially if you’re sheep (controlled followers) and not leaders nor seekers of the truth.

Ausar, Aset, & Heru – The Original Holy Trinity & Other Important Black Africans

Ausar, Aset & Heru (child) is the original holy trinity. The trinity is based on astronomical mythology. It is purely derived from natural phenoma of the moon, stars, and the sun. Please no hate mail!!!! Smilin’. I’m just the messenger.

The story goes like this. Ausar(Able) is viciously murdered by his hateful brother Set(Cain) and is cut up into 14 pieces. Aset is overwhelmed with despair over the death of her beloved husband, Ausar. They were newly wedded and had not consummated their marriage when he was killed. Unfortunately, they were unable to consummate their union and no child had been born to them. Ausar travels throughout Kemet (ancient name for Egypt) to find the missing pieces of Ausar’s body. She finds them all, except for his penis.

Aset raises Ausar from the dead – resurrection. Ausar desperately want to get busy with Aset, but his member is missing. Aset says “baby, don’t worry. I got this.” She turns herself into a bird and hoovers over Ausar and she is spiritual impregnated. Nine months later, Heru(Jesus), is born of a virgin mother – Immaculate conception. This story also introduces the original Madonna and child.

The Greeks appropriated these characters and named them Osiris, Isis & Horus.

When the Roman Catholic church got into the act they called them Mary, Joseph & Jesus and humanized these astronomical/mythological characters of the ancient Black Africans who also gave the world the 365 day calendar. It took them over 50,000 thousand years of observing the behavior of the stars, moon, and sun to create it. (Again, this was something done by the Black Africans of Kemet/Egypt.)


The Washington monument stands as a symbol of Ausar penis, the Tekken/Obelisks.
You can find this original drama written on Temples in stone in Kemet.

You can listen to the story in more details on you tube:
Ausar Penis – Washington Monument

I love how Mrs. Banks bring these astro/mythical characters to life and make them a part of the spiritual Neteru teams who assist the living Neterus and the Warriors of Light in fighting the Darkness, The Unnamed one and his Minions, The Vampire Council.

She even brings the evil Set (Cain) to life who is at cross road. One of the twelve books features Cain with his fine, dark, beautiful, charming, and conniving self. He is a beautiful sheep in wolf’s clothing.



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