No Depression for White People!

ImageSome of you may feel this is racist but it’s worst then that because it’s the truth. There is no way in hell that white people at any level should be suffering from depression. You’re in a race that even when you lose, you still win. Your life is also like having a permanent American Express card around your neck. You’re touted as geniuses even when you’re stupid.


You’re able to go into any area and blend, no racial profiling or being shot 900 times for wearing a black hoodie. Even when some of you take on the persona of Wiggers, again you still win even though you’re disrespecting the Black culture.

ImageYou get to put anything of no substance on TV, make horrible music and are in movies whether of Jewish or wannabee Aryans origins and aren’t killed in the first 20 minutes of a movie like Black people. Even when you brag about only going to the “2” grade then dropped out, you still win. So I can’t truly understand the complaints against the paranoid of feeling like you’re now the minority. I understand your belief of saving the white race but who said it needed saying?


You have everything, you have doors open to opportunities to where some people can only dream about. You get major respect where other races get shitted on. You bitch about blacks and some of your white women, but you should know that some of these white women and white teens are keeping their legs opened like 7-11 because they want to. But again, even though all this is happening you still win. You get to take your elderly, retarded and handicap and place them in homes, Your race has more abortions with no public announcement and yet you’re depressed. You have more freedom then any of the other races, yet you’re still depressed.


So to recap, No Depression for White People! Because even on a bad day, your skin is Card Blanche to acceptance, privilege, entitlement, over glorification, sensationalism and the over use of the word, “scary”.



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