Why RADIO Sucks!


Radio stations used to be separate entities. But the key disease was Payola. This is money to Program Managers, Owners and DJ’s to play music. “Money” can come in the form of physical paper, gifts, trips, etc. All this is done to get your money, interest, time and to unjustly enslave your ear lobes with less then pure quality music. Here’s what you don’t know. A music on today’s radio stations are in the same musical keys when music is run by different artists, all the music sounds the same. Their music is played every hour and there’s not chance in hell for Joe Knucklehead to get his music on the air. Radio stations are owned by Corporations and those corporations are linked to record companies which is actually a conflict of interest. Money is the devil and Devils run this show.

Eliot Spitzer was trying to kill payola in radio but when the true powers found out of quest, they unleashed the New York Times story on March 10, 2008, and reported that he patronized a high priced prostitution service.  So the effort to stop payola was killed. You have to be annoyed at this fact and know that this is going on just by listening to the weak music. There are truly talented people in music but they never get the chance to shine like the less talented folks. When the Machine gets behind them, they’re on top of the world. And because radio and the corporations behind them knows that there is a sense of limited focus with their listeners, they play on this and repeat music over and over and over and over and over and over…..because some of you aren’t paying attention then you settle for crap. This is like you as a parent accepting the fact that your kid failed recess. Just like radio, this fact is unacceptable.

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