Want To Extend your Life? FLOSS!


Diseases, unhealthy and unclean people who’s hygiene is questionable are factors for early deaths reign supreme in today’s world. I’ve seen folks pick their noses and put the results on escalators, elevator doors, etc., people coughing on you and those wanting to have sex with you and their goodies stinking. Long before the discovery of dental advancement with teeth whitening, some folks just had rotten teeth.


So you may be walking around folks stinking but have big white Chiclet Hollyweird teeth. This means nothing unless you’re flossing and brushing after every meal you eat. Your objective is to get sugars, vagina hairs (if you eat at the “Y”), and food particles out your teeth and to stop them from going to your heart.


Without this daily maintenance, your truly will be stinking when your dead from not doing a task that is required for good dental health.

Image   Image



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