The True Stars*** of Hollyweird – The Publicists

publicists22If you could ever make a fortune in the entertainment industry, being a Publicist would be the top shelf job. Being able to over hype someone or some group would be your main responsibility. Yes, anyone can do this but not many can do this well and efficiently. Taking nothing and turning it into something is a key craft. Then knowing when to put back is an art. Putting your clients into cleverly created and staged scenarios is a clear sign of power/control over morons who worship these people. Everything you see and hear about in Hollyweird is a script. When their popularity starts going down based on E-Scores and internet activity, your stars are told to do something wacky to bring that score up.

There are publications called “Daily’s” that are constantly viewed. When there’s a negative shift of interest changes with your “clients”, the shenanigans begin. Distractions, misdirection and lies are the prime principles of deception to get your mind, money, respect and even to have some dressing like these people who have talent that of a nat. This is why the U.S. government consults with Hollyweird types.

But truly knowing how to keep your Clients relevant when it’s way past……..


is absolutely priceless!


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