Lost in Today’s World? – Talk to your Ancestors!

Today’s world is ever changing. Distractions are everywhere, cellphones, internet, TV and misinformation. Before you reach for depression drugs, talk to your ancestors. You need to know their plight in order to devise a plan for you to see the correct path for your life’s direction. To much ish is based on class, race, age, sex, religion when it shouldn’t be. Yes, this is a world truly being run by those other then the current President but you have your chance to get yours.


Ancestors will tell you of their journey, which could include mistakes, regrets, positive outcomes and some may give you the secret knowledge that could inspire you. Life is short and if you have the knowledge to weed between the sensationalism and bullshit, you have a better chance of winning.

So keep your head up! And get your mind, body and spirit in order!


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