The Forgotten Black Victims of the Holocaust

Many of just can not comprehend that the race situation between black and white has been reversed. Those who truly run this country know the truth but continue to keep you sick, uneducated, uninformed and technically distracted from the truth. And from white-tees standpoint it’s working.

Now let’s jump to the Holocaust. Black people were treated like ish before and when Adolf Hitler arrived. Since many of you are TV and internet focused, this topic is forever seen but they’ve left out the black victims of Hitlers sadistic and non-hospitable lodgings called Concentration Camps. Camp prisoners from all over Europe and the Soviet Union—Jews, non-Jewish Poles and Slovenes, the mentally ill and physically-disabled from birth defects, religious and political prisoners, Roma and Sinti, Freemasons (this is shocking..), Jehovah’s Witnesses, criminals, homosexuals, American and European BLACK prisoners of war.

German’s weren’t feeling black folks because they felt they messed up the racial purity of their race by fathering mixed kids. These kids were called the “Rhineland Bastards”. The treatment of black people in German was worst then in America at that time and now.

Contrary to what you may have been told verbally, in “his-story” books or don’t know. There were black people in Hitler’s Concentration Camps. Many brothers and sisters were killed on the spot and not many records exist. We know the Jewish plight but now to the missing part of black history.



1. Hilarius (Lari) Gilges was a dancer who was murdered by Hitler’s SS & Gestapo in 1937 at the young age of 24. After the war, his wife and kids were paid 12,000 Deutschmarks which is $8,025.25 dollar. See even back then a black life wasn’t worth ish.



2. Valaida Snow was a singer, actor and hell of an instrumentalist. She was captured imprisoned and stated that she was “f-ed in every hole” then a slave and servant. After being freed, she never recovered from her ordeal.

Lionel Romney


3. Lionel Romney, a Sailor in the US Merchant Marines was imprisoned in a Concentration Camp called  Munchhausen-Gasen. He was the only black held captive and survived.  (View pic to the left)


4. Jean Marcel Nicolas – an black Haitian national, was incarcerated in the Buchenwald and Dora-Mittelbau concentration camps in Germany.

Bayume Mohamed Hussein


5. Bayume Mohamed Hussein – a black man from Tanganyika (today Tanzania), died in the  Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.  R.I.P Brother.


6. Jean (Johnny) Voste – the one documented black prisoner, was a Belgian resistance fighter from the Congo; he was arrested in 1942 for alleged sabotage, and was one of the survivors of Dachau Concentration Camp. (Look below for picture)


7. LT. Darwin Nichols, a black pilot who was incarcerated in a Gestapo prison in Butzbach.


8. Johnny Williams whose mother was from Ivory Coast.
leopold sedar senghor

9. Leopold Sedar Senghor  – was first interned in La Charite-sur-Loire. Then in other concentration cabs and finally at Front Stalag 230 in Poitiers. This horrible place was reserved for colonial troops captured during the war. Nazi soldiers wanted to kill him and other  blacks on the same day they were captured but he escaped this fate by yelling Vive la France, Vive I’Afrique Noire! (Long Live France, Long Live Black Africa!). A French Officer told the Nazi soldiers that executing the Black African prisoners would dishonor the Aryan race and the Germany Army.

In 1942, he was released for medical reasons. Then in 1961 became the first president of Senegal.

Josef Nassy holocaust


10. Josef Nassy (1904–1976) was a black expatriate artist of Jewish descent. Nassy was living in Belgium when World War II began, and was one of about 2,000 civilians holding American passports who were confined in German internment camps during the war.


Hans Hauck

11. Hans Hauck – a Black holocaust survivor and victim of Hitler’s mandatory sterilization program, when he was forced to undergo sterilization as a teen, and was given no anesthetic. Once he received his sterilization certificate , he was “free to go”. Just as long as he didn’t have coitus (sex) with any German women.

Carlos Grevkey


12. Carlos Grevkey – born in Berlin to a Cameroonian father and German mother, he was forced into a concentration camp at the age of 18. He survived the war and still lives in Cologne, Germany.


Hans J. Massquoi

13.  Hans J. Massaquoi – was one of the few mixed raced children in Nazi Germany and like most of the children of his age, he dreamed of joining Hitler’s Youth. However he soon realized the true nature of Nazism. His skin color made him a serious talent of racial abuse.


14. …and others who are missing. The exact count is not known but Nazi Concentration Camps estimates are between 25,000 to 50,000 black victims.  R.I.P


black kid in concentration camp  I do not like how the black race has been treated in the past and the future. Being erased from the history books and given titles of being coons, the n-word and the even more offensive title African American, truly pissed me off. I don’t like the black race not being properly recognized as victims of Hitler quest for ethnic cleansing. I further don’t like that Black victims are no compensated yet Jews are.

On the real, the one thing Hitler said about the (European) Jews would do this world, has actually happened and is still happening to this day, hour and second. Now honestly ask yourself, was Hitler a forward thinker who saw the future? I think Yes!  The Jews have truly pimped this Holocaust incident as only them as victims and have a made a lot of money off of it. Yet, they have left out the fact that American and European BLACKS were also interned in the Nazi Concentration Camp System.


fake jews

Look at the picture to the right. This is trouble. The Jews who Hitler went after were Ashkenazi Jews, European. They have no connections to the biblical Jews in the bible. Do you understand? The folks you see in Israel, Hollyweird, New York and all points between are fake ass Jews to took advantage of a situation. They are still milking the Holocaust and still leaving out the Black existent. They are still asking you the unsuspecting sheep of the U.S. and the world for money, yet when have you ever heard of a broke Jew? Or even a homeless Jew? ——-

The Black American and German holocaust survivors are not mention in the his-story of Nazi Germany. Most people are unaware that the so called Jewish holocaust included BLACKS are are definitely mislead that only Jews were the target of extermination and attacks.

Unlike the Jew (in Israel and in Germany), Black Germans received NO War Reparations because their German citizenship was revoked (even though they are German born). This is fcuked up! Like black slavery! The only pension they get are the willingness to tell the world their stories and continue their batter for recognition and compensation.

As a result of all the omissions, lies, and over sensationalism by these fake Jews, I’m asking you to speak out for true history and justice and represent the real facts.


Below is a picture of a black man in a concentration camp. He was being liberated in this photo. The brother in the photo to the right is Jean Johnny Voste. And yes he does resemble President Barack Obama but he also favors the Kemet (aka Egypt) Pharaoh Akhenaten in the face due to one of the primary recreational activities instilled when staying at one of Adolf Hitler’s facilities, starvation. He’s number 6 on the above list.



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